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Maintenance of gantry type milling machine

The structure of fixed beam gantry milling machine is mobile table, fixed beam gantry frame, can be widely used in the automotive, aerospace, rolling stock, textile machinery, printing machinery, paper machinery, machine tools and other industries, could work on a variety of board , box type, frame type, and mold and other precision parts CNC machining. With workpiece clamping process, the machine can be a variety of processes milling, boring, drilling, reaming, tapping, etc., with appropriate milling accessories, the machine could work on the five-sided machining the workpiece, as well as carry out a variety of complex coordinate NC surface processing. The configuration of fixed beam gantry milling-ray machine is as follows: 1) resin sand casting machine body 2) gear type milling head, ZF reducer milling head, belt-type milling head, direct-milling head, the center spray spindle, a special note when ordering; 3) Taiwan spindle, Taiwan spindle motor and spindle belt pulley; 4) Taiwan pressurized cylinder; 5) The European import gear drive box, rack (gear drive box French REDEX, rack Switzerland GUDEL); 6) European import servo reducer (Germany STOBER, ZF); 7) Imported ball screw and precision lock nuts (Taiwan brand HIWIN, AMT, Spain SHUTON, BSG, IPIRANGA, Germany IF, American pioneer, lock nut Taiwan YINSH); 8)imported linear guide rail (Germany INA, Rexroth, Japan NSK); slide rail series gantry laminating 9) Bearing (Japan NSK, Germany FAG, Japan NTN); 10) Taiwan hydraulic balance system; 11) Paint: according to customer requirements 12) Protection of X/Y/Z axis 13) Lubrication System, mad in China famous brand 14)Extended milling, rectangle milling head, universal milling head, special configuration shall specify when ordering special; Fixed beam gantry milling machine maintenance 1, regular inspection of the screw under the table if the screws are loosen, check the cylinder to ensure that the rail and screw nut seat are lubricated 2, periodically check the headstock and fixed beam screw and nut wearable condition. 3, regularly check positioning screws of couplers between gear boxes if they are loose. 4, periodically check the reliability of the clamping mechanic of the beams 5, always pay attention to the position of the oil level in the oil standard position or not. For lubrication should note the followings 1. Check the reliability of oil pump 2, check all parts of the oil supply is normal 3, observe the seals, if any leakage should replace the seals 4 Note spindle oil standard check fuel supply is normal 5 regular clean filter sedimentation tank and oil tank 6 regularly check and adjust the spindle bearing clearance 7 In the course of the work, spindle change and clutch change are forbidden.