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All About Advanced Machine Tools


Ram Universal Milling Machine
This is a powerful and robust equipment , the main motor having a power output of up to 7.5 KW and the table can handle load of up to 1800kgs.With both horizontal and vertical milling ability, the machine tool is well able to handle major and sophisticated milling jobs. The machine has been manufactured using high quality steel in the shafts and gears. Sliding screws are fitted with bushes and bearings for smooth running. The accuracy of the machine is very high, vibration free precision for best performance.

CNC Lathe Machine
The available equipment offers a wide variety of bore sizes and bed lengths and other optional features. This variety allows the company to have machine tools that can meet a wide variety of production needs using single equipment. CNC lathe machine designs from RX milling are able to hold tight tolerances, which removes the need for conducting separate finishing and grinding operations. Efficient removal of chips is another consideration that has been added. This ultimately contributes to the machine efficiency. The coolant tank is also well positioned for easier maintenance and access.

CNC Milling Machine
The control technology of these models is simply amazing. The process from the input to completed product has become very user friendly, which is why our customers always come back. One-piece bed casting has been done to achieve maximum firmness and rigidity. Incorporation of a short tool drive train reduces heat generation during operation and enables greater torque transferred to the tool with higher reliability and quiet operation.

The ergonomic design allows better front access to chuck and tail stock pressure regulators. Slant bed designs allow for easier chip removal.

Power Presses
Power Press Machines come in various specifications. The ‘H’ frame has been manufactured with high quality material and with advanced technology to meet the vast needs of the machining sector. The machines are low maintenance, anti corrosive and heat resistant.

Universal Swivel Head Milling Machine
This is another machine tool that has been developed with accurate technology and design to meet the dynamic machining needs. They have a hardened, ground table surface and guide way. Universal Swivel Head Milling Machine has rectangular table guide ways delivering very high stability. It also has automatic feeds on the X/Y/Z axis-lengthening arm fitted and the worktable swivels at 35 degrees.

Slant Bed CNC Lathe Machine
This design is able to support bigger parts capacity, rigidity and better chip removal. This machine is able to achieve higher productivity and accuracy, with higher traverse rates and much reduced non-cutting times. The large precision couplings deliver total accuracy of indexing as well as rigidity. It also allows for easy heat dissipation.

Care for Milling Machines
To achieve greater performance, lubrication for milling machines is necessary. It is recommended that for new equipment, they must be lubricated at a frequency of three times per month with clean oil and the recommended lubricants.

Metal cutting machine tools continue to advance in designs and automation. Innovative manufacturers have gained a competitive edge due to production of equipments aimed at meeting user needs. The ease of conversion from design stage to finished product stage is getting rapid with these innovations.