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Bed-Type Milling Machine Manufacturer in China


As a top class Bed-Type Milling Machine in China, we provide mainly three types of machines to our clients. We manufacture models like X715, X716, and X7140. All of these three machines are highly functional as per the requirement of the market of this machine in this country. As the experienced manufacturer, we can offer you X715 model that has 2100 x 500mm working table which can have 1500mm longitudinal travel. The X716 model has 2500 x 575mm working table with the capacity of 1800mm longitudinal travel. On the other hand, the working table of X7140 model is 1400 x 400mm with 800mm longitudinal travel.

Technical Features

The very name of Bed-type milling machine suggests its basic features. It has a bed on which the sliding table is located. The user can adjust the spindle head vertically to achieve the depth of the cut. The only movement you can have in such machine is longitudinal motion. As a leading manufacturer of such kind of advanced machine we understand the trend of using the same in China and we are ready to fulfill the demand with greater horsepower and higher range of speed.

Significance of This Machine

These machines play vital role in cutting heavy metals and woods. Thus, they are widely used in different industries in China where the use of metals and woods is very common. The Bed-type milling machine can help the users to get a perfect cut and smoothness in the metals and woods. Being the top manufacturer in China we can provide you with the latest machine.