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Large growth of China industry


At present, China's milling machine equipment self-sufficiency rate from 70 percent in 2001, increased to 85% in 2010. New machinery industry contribution rate for the country industrial output value reached 22.29% .

Over the past decade, a large number of machinery manufacturers rank the world. Power generation equipment for many years has achieved ultra-high-speed growth, the annual output for five consecutive years over 100 million kilowatts, accounting for about 50% of  milling machine world production. In 2010 the production is over 120 million kilowatts, compared with 2000 increased by nearly 10 times. The development of automobile industry is by leaps and bounds, from 2000 2070000-2009 for the first time exceeded ten million mark, with sales of more than 13 million level ranked first in the world, 2010 production and sales separately reached 18.26 million and 18.06 million vehicles, nine times over 2000. 2010 annual output of CNC milling machine tools more than 220,000 units, 15 times over 2000. Machine tool industry in 2009 $ 15.3 billion output value ranked first in the world.


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