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Drilling Milling Machine Manufacturer in China


Our experience as a Drilling milling machine manufacturer helps us in producing top-class machines as per the latest demand of the market of China and the rest of the world. We can offer you advanced and exclusive models of this machine like ZX7550CW, ZX6350Z and ZX6350ZA. All of them have some advanced features. The diameter of ZX7550CW is 50mm along with the spindle speed of 115-1750(V) 60-1350(H) RPM. The spindle speed of ZX6350Z model is (8 steps) 90-2000rpm (vertical), (12 steps) 40-1300rpm (horizontal). The working table of ZX6350ZA is 1250 x 320mm. The spindle speed is 60-1500rpm (V), 40-1300rpm (H).

Technical Features

There are some top features of Drilling milling machine and the users must be aware of the same before buying it. The Vertical type is a common type of such kind of milling machines. That means you can get all the features of vertical milling machine in this type. When you are looking for the top manufacturer of such kind of improved machine in China, then we can offer you with the tools that are advanced and easy to use.

Significance of This Machine

This type of machine is mostly used in creating holes in various work pieces. Whenever, you need to make a hole in your work piece, you can take the help of Drilling milling machine. As an experienced manufacturer in China, we can suggest you that you must consider the material of the work piece before you use the machine to make the hole. Automobiles, aerospace and furniture making are the industries where you can see the excessive use of such machine.