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Operational Features of Some Popular Milling Machines


milling machines play a vital role in the production process of various industries. This machine is a unique industrial tool that is used to machine solid materials like metal, wood, etc. There are lots of functions that were earlier done by hand and took a long period to be completed. After the introduction of this tool, it becomes easier than ever to perform those tasks and save a good amount of time. Workers can get finely machines wood or metals that they can use to manufacture something else in the factories. However, there are various types of milling machines available in the market that can be classified as per their operational differences. It is important to know about them if you are interested in this tool.

Bed-Type Milling Machine

This one is most popular and widely used in various industries. In such kind of tool, the sliding table is mounted on a robust bed. You can never remove this bed in the crosswise direction. Only longitudinal motion is possible with this type of machine. There are some industries where woods or metals are needed to be cut out from a workpiece, and this type of milling machine is perfect for those industries.

Drilling Milling Machine

As the very name suggests, this type of industrial tool is mainly used for drilling. When a workpiece is prepared, and holes are required on the same, then you can use such kind of Drilling milling machine. You can use a vertical type which is the most common pattern for such kind of tools. These machines have wide application is industries such as furniture, automobile, aerospace as well as some other manufacturing fields where metal or woods are drilled.

Horizontal Milling Machine

In the horizontal type of milling machine, the cutters are located on the top of a horizontal arbor, which you can find on an X-Y table. There are wide ranges of cutters used in such kind of machine that can cut metals or woods and other heavy materials smoothly. However, you must consider that this type of tool is mostly used when the volume of the material is important rather than the accuracy of work. Multiple cutters can be added to the machine to gain faster speed and great production as well.

Universal Milling Machine

The name is given because it has the features of both vertical and horizontal milling. This tool can be applied for tapping, slotting as well as another type of cutting that is necessary for the machining of metals and woods. The chief difference of this kind of machine with the others is the presence of a rotating table along with an indexing head so that more angles and tools paths can be placed.

Vertical Milling Machine

As the very name suggests, this type of tool has a spindle that rotates vertically over the table. Both bed mil and turret mills are considered as the fine example of vertical tools. This machine is used in giving proper shape to metals like steel or aluminum. Apart from that plastics like nylon or Perspex can get the shape with the help of such machines too.