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How to use slant bed CNC lathe machine

1. First, after receiving CNC lathe clear the anti-rust oil protecting the rail surface and the machined surface by the cotton or silk, and fill the lubricant in each sliding part and working surface following the instructions. 2. Secondly, check whether the various components of slant bed type CNC lathe is filled the oil in accordance with the requirements, machine hydraulic station, automatic inter-lubricating device refueling is in compliance with standards, check the cooling tank coolant adequacy and check the electrical control box for each switch and component is normal, each cartridge integrated circuit board is in place. 3, the CNC lathe machine installation environment requirements: Place the machine in the smooth place, and then tighten the foundation bolts; the installation should be carried out at a constant temperature, measuring tools is subject to a period of fixed temperature before use. 4. Finally, operators are not allowed to remove some parts of the machine during use, because disassemble of parts may lead to important new assignment within the slant bed CNC lathe stress, which will affect slant bed CNC lathe precision.