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Made in China CNC and automotive industry


In order to have China-made CNC milling machine tool get into automotive industry with large-scale as soon as possible, the CNC machine tool manufacturers should focus on improving their own ability, mainly in the following aspects:

To build their own car parts manufacturing capacity, demand for automotive parts manufacturing product development. Gradually establish formed, modular CNC machine tool industry, to meet the needs of auto parts manufacturing.

Pay attention to the development of line equipment (conveyors, pallet, etc.), CNC milling machine tool manufacturers are auto parts machining line important provider, should pay attention to not only design and manufacture, but also attached great importance to modern agile flexible units, to constitute the milling machine elements of development, such as robot, conveyor and so on. Because the reliability of these devices affect the starting rate of the production line. The starting rate for the mass production of the automobile industry is very important.

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