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Milling module largely increase production

Milling module is a desinged software with high function, factory-certified CAM system for 2D and 2.9D milling machine, specializing in products for milling machines, including as well the process. Engineers can control the software when cutting Tool point or detached work items. All the way to the whole machining can be stored for later use, and do not need to be redefined. All paths in the most efficient way to save time machine manufacture. The software to 2D, 2D or 2.9D approach to work, instead of using 3D. The software provides a powerful and useful mechanical and technical knowledge, the program only requires a simple operating capability will be able to work on the implementation of high productivity CNC machine tools. The software is designed to perform production and processing, engineers have complete control over the cutting process control tool pointing or detached work items, also develop strong processing methods, such as parallel roughing and undercutting. An optimized processing plan will automatically calculate the machining time. The software can be combined with AutoCAD or ARES offers a complete and wide range of milling machining functions, and only requires basic editing capabilities to operate the program. Not only increase productivity, but also to use powerful ways of processing the output of high-quality parts, shorten the time and cut cost expenditures. In addition, engineers can easily and quickly learn this powerful milling software, and it has the following characteristics: 1. support different taper square hole roughing and finishing, 2. automatically generates the center hole drilling, pre-drilled, pre-reaming . and processed hole, and hole machining and processing of different angles 3. supports all 2D to 2.9D machining appearance, can read NC code records; supports all that can be detected straight, curved processing, embedded processing with taper holes, as well as varying degrees of hole machining 4. fonts can be defined by a line or arc engraving, 5. drilling through a window is selected, not one by one patch, so do not worry about missing any The hole, 6. smart way to feed an option to extend tool life 7. custom machining process standards, inheritance and other processing experience.