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2015 Qingdao International Machine Tool Exhibition

August 2nd to 6th, 2015 Qingdao International Machine Tool Show was exhibited in Qingdao International Expo Center, theme of this exhibition is "Change and intelligent manufacturing", a total exhibition area is over 100,000 square meters, brought together well-known domestic and foreign exhibitors, more than 800. Tengzhou Rooy CNC dispatched service technicians to bring advanced products to attend the exhibition. During the exhibition, Tengzhou Rooy CNC Machine positively communicated with exhibitors from home and abroad, especially with the Taiwanese Fair Friend Enterprise Co., Yongjin machine, Victor Taichung, Eastern Taiwan Seiki, Dali machine tools and other exhibitors, to exchange technologies and mutual cooperation issues. Tengzhou Rooy CNC was a main supplier of CNC machine, milling machine and radial drilling machine in the home and abroad market, with its own characteristics out of a integrated innovation, enterprise scale, technical level, manufacturing capacity the company has made rapid development within a few years. Early in 2009, Tengzhou Rooy CNC Machine started its import of key components from Taiwan famous brands, such as Posa, Yih-kwan, Susango, etc, and have established great cooperation with the Taiwan partners.