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MAKINO launch automotive aluminum die-casting used horizontal machine center

From July 2015, Makino starts selling special purpose horizontal machining center "a40" for the automotive aluminum die-casting finishing. The product eliminates the need for heavy cutting function, so the spindle, XYZ axis and tool replacement operation are more agile, can finish the job time by 25% less. At the same time, in order not to obstruct the chip, the function of strengthening the capacity of the chip discharge to prevent processing interruption. By the strong impact of the global automotive demand and the situation is to reduce the weight and the use of aluminum die-cast parts will also increase, predicted by Makino that it developed the product, and it will be lauched in June 24, North America. Aluminum die-cast parts are generally implemented additional processing, such as forming a planar portion for mounting other components, machining screw with the hole and thread processing. When machining centers do these additional processing, in fact, cutting tool and workpiece contact time covers a half, the other half is spent on the replacement tool and the tool moves to the machining area of operations. The key to reduce non-cutting time is that, to start the sipndle to a speed during this period. Makino is achieved from spindle miniaturization, reduced inertia force method to shorten the startup time. Thereby competing models generally require more than one second start-up time (the time to reach the required 12 000 rpm) shortened to 0.45 seconds. Regarding the tool change aspect, in the normal case to occur once every 10 seconds, up to a million more times a year, so even shorten the time to replace a less than one second, accumulated can save a lot of time. While the spindle of new products for BT40, but its size and BT30 is basically the same, so that the inertial force is reduced by 65%. Due to the rotator of driving motor is short, in order to compensate this, the input voltage is increased to 400V, to ensure sufficient torque and speed. Because the weight of the spindle is reduced, so X, Y-axis movement start is more agile. Accelerate the increase in acceleration, exceeds a specified acceleration time is reduced to a half. In the Z-axis and the B-axis rotary table driven aspects of the workbench, there is "inertial force control function" which could detect workpiece weight and set a bigger acceleration in the condition of a higher weight.