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Gantry Milling machine for Multi-Axis Operations

The Ever 7 mobile overhead gantry-type milling machine from Tengzhou Rooy CNC features a mobile crossbeam for three-, 3+2, four- and five-axis machining of large workpieces in the die/mold and aerospace fields. The machine’s design offers high dynamics and chip removal capacity promoted by the gantry’s “MT-frame” structure with multi-triangle section. The gantry provides high acceleration to rates of 1,260 ipm. Other features, according to the company, include reduced hourly operating costs, flexibility, ergonomic design, easy load/unload and simplified maintenance. The compact overall design enables the use of an enclosure to contain chips and other scraps. Engineered for high removal rates and high-speed finishing operations, the milling machine can be equipped with different types of heads, including gear heads and electro-spindles. Flexible rpm, power and torque options are available to meet the requirements of various applications.