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2011 half year import and export.


Recently, the China Machinery Industry Federation published milling machine import and export data from January to June in 2011, general trade import and export trade during the first half were $ 9.289 billion completed , an increase of 54.64% over the same period last year, with an import value of $ 6.527 billion, an increase of 62.92%; an export worth $ 2.763 billion, an increase of 38.06%. Gross growth rate of imports continued to increase, while the vertical milling machine export value and export value growth rate declined from January to May.

Import side, the different types of milling machine are holding more than half the rate of growth, the fastest-growing type is private companies, the growth rate more than 90%, but continued with the downward trend, the growth rate dropped by more than 12% compared with the previous month. General trade export growth lagged behind imports, of which state-owned enterprises and private enterprises have increased slightly, the export growth rate of foreign-funded enterprises continued to decline. A total of 27 provinces and cities nationwide achieved export growth, of which he top five provinces are: Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Shandong provinces, and compared with last month, Jiangsu Province, Guangdong Province, Shanghai and Zhejiang can not be shaken, Shandong milling machine replaced Beijing to the fifth position.

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