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The machine tool situation in China


From the analysis of Association of China Machine Tool Industry , in the first half year the output of metal milling machine tool increased by 23.7% (including CNC machine tool production up 45%), the output value reached 30.4% year on year growth, product mix seems to have been in the right development direction.

Production may be greater than the growth rate of output growth by 6.7 percentage points, and the substantial growth rate of output NC premise, but the average unit price during the first half of last year only 169,200 yuan, an increase was less than 0.2%.

This reflects the growth in the CNC machine tool production is mainly dominated by economic type CNC machine tool, while the high-end CNC machine tool and large, vertical milling machine production is decreased.

Known to all, in China the high-end product innovation is not high, generally low level of industrialization, so the profit level is not high; and milling machine(including economic vertical milling machine) as lower depreciation of fixed assets, process maturity, batch large, high production efficiency and profits are relatively objective,but this is not the direction of the machine tool industry, high-speed metal cutting machine tool in the industry, expand high-grade metal milling machine tools market share, is greater access to enterprise fundamental guarantee of profits.


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