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Worlwide package market


China has become the largest export market for German milling machine in 2010, the German packaging machinery exports to China was 4.83 billion euros, more than that of the United States, and from 2009 the second largest export market rose for the first one. Germany large export markets include exports to the U.S. 413 million euros, exports to Russia, 247 million euros, exports to Brazilian 0.99 billion euros.

According to statistics in 2010, the world milling machine market of 241 million euros. Among them, 8.8 billion euros in Europe, Asia and Oceania is 78 million euros, North America, 39 million euros, Africa and West Asia is 23 billion euros, Latin America is13million euros. World packaging machinery trade (exports) in 2010 is 132 million euros, a substantial increase over 2009 of 11.4%.


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