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Machine tool contribution in 2000


Latest statistics shows that China equipment self-sufficiency rate is 85%. The milling machine industry total output value of China industrial added the contribution rate of 22%.

Today, reporters learned from the China Machinery Industry Association, China Machinery Industry product structure is from low to high-end development, to the CNC milling machine, precision, high efficiency and large-scale development of automotive, electrical equipment, construction machinery and to the national economy and market demand, a number of high-end agricultural equipments are developed. milling machine Green energy, energy efficient and renewable energy technology and equipment are developed in a rapid growth. Industry-wide new product output value of 707.9 billion yuan from 2005 to 2010, 2.72 trillion yuan, milling machine an increase of nearly 3-fold. Meanwhile, the ever-increasing concentration of production, production of the three major power generation groups accounted for 75% of national output.


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