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Hungary machine tool market


After 1989, Hungary transferred from a planned economy into market economy. In the past 20 years, milling machine tool industry developed slowly, some large-scale machine tool plants were shut down, exports is almost stagnated. Financial crisis that began in 2008 further affected the development of Hungary

According to the reports, Japanese Suzuki, Germany Opel, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, the four major automobile manufacturer established their manufacture base in Hungary, and Nokia set up the largest assembly plant and R & D center in Hungary. Hungarian higher milling machine education is better, and with low-cost staff, due to these reasons, Europe has built a number of R & D centers in Hungary.

Hungarian Vertical milling machine Association believes that its strong technological capabilities, lower cost than other Western Europe, Chinese machine tool can be modified and then sold to Europe, and Hungary will be a good transit point. Hungarian master energy reserves technologies such as wind power reserve technology, milling machine has been applied in Germany with good results. Hungarian Association of China Machine Tool Industry is willing to establish good relationship, hope in the future to strengthen information exchange, increase generating capacity, reduce power consumption for a wide range of cooperation, and welcomes Chinese investment.


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